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Verb. The further past tense of breathe.
I brothe it in.
by CiceroSyllabus October 22, 2009
replacement of the word breathed, used to describe the act of breathing prior to the present.
I brothe in his fart and nearly past out.
by Marcus Land November 14, 2003
Is the past-tense of breathe
I went on the porch and brothe in the fresh air
by fresh1231 July 29, 2010
In spanish calling someone "brother" or "friend"
Oye brothe adonde tu pusiste mi dildo?
by Homo guy August 13, 2008
To breathe the air that in which has been expelled by the lungs of the opposite sex.
Last night when I spooned with my wife I simultaneously brothed her.
by Chris "Griff" Griffin February 15, 2009
(n) Menswear. Bro-clothes.
I'm going shopping with J-Dawg. Bras for me, and brothes for him.
by ladybughat April 28, 2012
Someone who plays guitar hero all day and memorizes all the notes and is a total douche bag who sucks at sniping and always cage matches in COD4
Alex: "Guys Call of Duty is getting boring im going to go play guitar hero i got all the golden guns finally."
Greg: " Your pulling a brothes on us"
by Larsonslike July 06, 2008

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