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replacement of the word breathed, used to describe the act of breathing prior to the present.
I brothe in his fart and nearly past out.
by Marcus Land November 14, 2003
22 12
Verb. The further past tense of breathe.
I brothe it in.
by CiceroSyllabus October 22, 2009
16 2
Is the past-tense of breathe
I went on the porch and brothe in the fresh air
by fresh1231 July 29, 2010
5 1
To breathe the air that in which has been expelled by the lungs of the opposite sex.
Last night when I spooned with my wife I simultaneously brothed her.
by Chris "Griff" Griffin February 15, 2009
7 4
In spanish calling someone "brother" or "friend"
Oye brothe adonde tu pusiste mi dildo?
by Homo guy August 13, 2008
11 9
(n) Menswear. Bro-clothes.
I'm going shopping with J-Dawg. Bras for me, and brothes for him.
by ladybughat April 28, 2012
2 1
Someone who plays guitar hero all day and memorizes all the notes and is a total douche bag who sucks at sniping and always cage matches in COD4
Alex: "Guys Call of Duty is getting boring im going to go play guitar hero i got all the golden guns finally."
Greg: " Your pulling a brothes on us"
by Larsonslike July 06, 2008
2 2