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Sick gear used for skiing and boarding. Adapted from the word Gore-Tex, Bro-Tex is over the top outerwear consisting of bright colors and high price tags. Said gear must be current seasons or next season’s (ultimate example of Bro-Tex) style and can never be spotted on a gaper. If you claim Bro-Tex and your gear is spotted on a gaper, the only way to redeem yourself is to burn the gear in disgust or give the shit away as soon as possible.
Kyle: Did you see Gary this morning rocking another Arc'teryx and Norrona setup?

D: Yeah it was insane; he looked like a neon beer sign.
Kyle: Yeah for real, dude stays Bro-Texed out.
by claiming June 18, 2011

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A type of condom used for gay sex between two men
"Hey, dude, I wanna be safe. How about we use a brotex?"
by x450 August 02, 2008