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1. The act where more than one male, feels strongly about a particular issue in which other males are affected
1. " I can't believe that John posted all those pictures from the Bucks night on Facebook! I heard Mary demanded to see the pictures. We should Brotest against this action"
by s_41_NT August 17, 2009
a riot over a particularly bro-ish issue, like a sports game, or a girl not exposing herself after a large number of people start chanting.
That brotest after VCU's big basketball loss was epic, it totally made the game worth it for me.
by electrobro April 04, 2011
To protest a bro.
Bro #1: I saw Shana at the bar last night...
Bro #2: You didn't text me?!
Bro #1: Didn't think of it...
Bro #2: I'm brotesting you!
by themexecutioner August 22, 2010

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