hardcore dance move in which a party of 2 (or more) stack on top of each other and punch.
those kids are totally rockin the brotem pole....wonder which one will win?
#brotem #pole #hardcore #dance #punch
by thuglifeagain August 14, 2009
Top Definition
A hierarchy used by bro's all over the world to establish supremacy and inferiority in a closed social order.
Bro, I get to wear the pink polo tonight and Patrick has to wear the white. Why? He's at the bottom of the brotem pole, Bro.
#bro #frat #awesome #dude #natty #troglodyte
by Berkley McDousenheimer March 12, 2010
the brotem pole is a sex position consisting of a male or female standing on his/her head and another male standing on a chair and fucking them in the ass.
7 o
| ]
0 7

7=legs o=head
)= ass |=pelvic region
|= torso ]= legs
0= head 7= chair

that is a brotem pole.
#brotem #pole #sex position #jonny #genius
by jcurtism August 28, 2008
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