hardcore dance move in which a party of 2 (or more) stack on top of each other and punch.
those kids are totally rockin the brotem pole....wonder which one will win?
by thuglifeagain August 14, 2009
Top Definition
A hierarchy used by bro's all over the world to establish supremacy and inferiority in a closed social order.
Bro, I get to wear the pink polo tonight and Patrick has to wear the white. Why? He's at the bottom of the brotem pole, Bro.
by Berkley McDousenheimer March 12, 2010
the brotem pole is a sex position consisting of a male or female standing on his/her head and another male standing on a chair and fucking them in the ass.
7 o
| ]
0 7

7=legs o=head
)= ass |=pelvic region
|= torso ]= legs
0= head 7= chair

that is a brotem pole.
by jcurtism August 28, 2008
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