protein from bros, usually the result of man-on-man relations. Semen that comes from Bromance.
Yo, you left some brotein in the soapdish, you're a foul pig
by gavin_pm February 09, 2006
The powder supplement that is taken to increase muscle size, decrease penis size, and make you an instant douchebag.
Little timmy cant hit the gym and get his swell on without his brotein!
by Nik P. February 07, 2008
A type of enhancing supplement taken by guidos.

Serving Suggestion: take 5 times a day with heineken of jagerbombs.
Hey guido, check out my new fucking haircut, and look at my guns, its that damn brotein.
by travlax April 22, 2009
Brotein is a bodily chemical that is excreted by the pancreas that creates a euphoric sensation. Brotein is released usually whilst throwing down at a rowdy Pop-Punk and/or Hardcore show.
"Yo man, I feel great, that show was rowdy as hell."
"For sure dude, that's gotta be the brotein."
by zsteezy August 20, 2009
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