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A reference to the once mighty, proud, and indestructible vessel manned by only bros and homies that were fiercly loyal and would never have hesitated to take a bullet (or an iceberg) for each other. Like the Titanic, it was destined to suffer the same tragic fate. Pandora's box was opened on deck and a combination of a lack of respect, disloyalty, passive aggressiveness, jealousy, and backstabbing caused the ship to go astray, hit an iceberg, and sink.
Gangplank: Brotanica has sunk!
Miss Fortune: Poor Caribee, Heretic, and Rewgew all drowned.
Gangplank: Thank god for these lifeboats. At least we made it to paradise, but it's kind of scary being haunted by them from their watery graves.
Miss Fortune: Fortune doesn't favor fools!
by Yessica Ly April 21, 2013

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