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A wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to a past period with your bro or bros.
Dude: Yo, let's steal the napkin-holder from this bar.
Widowed-Bro: . . . nah (disappointedly turns away)
Dude: You alright man?
Widowed-Bro: . . . (Thinking about a time he and his bros took a road trip to New Mexico and stole a horse-cop's horse and used it to commandeer an oxen and 12 hundred dollars worth of cattle)
Dude: Dude!
Widowed-Bro: Sorry . . . just thinking about this thing me and my bros once stole
Dude: You need to stop being so brostalgic and live in reality.
Widowed-Bro: I can't help my brostalgia. I loved Ted "T-Killa" Jones. He was my main bro . . . Goddamn it! I told him not to play 13 consecutive games of Flip Cup with Everclear grain alcohol. (A single brostalgic tear rolls down his cheek)
by The Sebastian November 21, 2009