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A bro who has too many 'bromances.'
"Dude, Greg is such a broslut. I see him bromancing it up with Ted and Jim all the time!"
by sluggybuggy March 31, 2009
A group of girls who are friends or dating a laxer bro. They are often known to hook up with each of the laxers they chill with. A benefit to hooking up with the lax bros.. is the bro slut will be able to attend all the ragers held by the bros. Most of the bro sluts tend to be bitchy and dont appreciate other girls trying to get with the bros.
Bro: Dude so pissed I was down the shore! who was at the party last night?

Other Bro: Just all the bros.. and a couple of our Bro sluts.
by LetsLaxItUp July 09, 2009
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