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An unspoken code of honor between men (bros) in relation to dating/sleeping with women. A man of Broshido lives by a concept to serve and do no wrong to his male friends and family, even at the cost of his own happiness. There are no written rules, rather, it is a concept based on personal virtue and humility.

The origins of this practice are based in the Japanese philosophy of Bushido; "The way of the warrior". The ancient code of Bushido emphasises a lifestyle of loyalty, honor, obedience, duty, and sacrifice.

Much like this original school of thought, Broshido is a dying tradition. It has been overrun by modern male ideology of pride, selfishness and peacocking.
“Mike walked away when his brother’s hot, drunk ex-girlfriend tried to hit on him. Truly he is a master of Broshido.”.

“Dave saw that his friend was interested in the girl he was talking to. Without hesitation Dave introduced her to his friend and walked off into the night. There was no easy one night stand for Dave that evening, however, his legend was woven into the fabric of the universe.”.
by Vedi March 10, 2011
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