Pointing your fingers at the camera (like a gang sign) when your picture is taken. Originated by Brian Browe, but now every one of his friends do it without the understanding of how stupid it looks.
Did you see the latest pics on facebook of Brian's Christmas party, everyone was doing a brose, what a bunch of tards!
by gunner1 December 21, 2009
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He who is without equal; paragon of perfection, criterion of crunk, whose power and intellect is beyond our ability to fathom or recognize.
Oh Broses, who art in awesome, hallowed be thy mane,
thy ping is none, thy will is phun,
your worth is infinity times seven
by NerdVernacular August 15, 2006
The Mexican version of broseph; anyone who is a bro from a Spanish-speaking country
Man 1: "Hey broseph!"

Man 2: "No hablo Inglés.."

Man 1: "Oh...Hola Brosé"
by glitchinthemind May 18, 2011
A. A pink wine enjoyed with friends, or your bros.

B. A pink wine served at a brodown.

C. A pink wine enjoyed so regularly, you know it like you would know one of your bros.

D. All of the above.
Let's chill and have some brosé tonight.


"Are you going to the brodown?"
"Yeah, and I'm bringing the brosé."


I like the Peyrassol so much it's not just a rosé, it's a brosé.
by cup.half.full June 10, 2011
alternative to bro, brother, broseph, or man. combination of moses and bro/brother, evolved from the standard biblical companionship term broseph
what u been up to lately broseph? I hit up the mall, ate some taco bell and drank a baja blast, what about you broses.
by $W.M.$ July 20, 2010
Prose written for bros. Popular works of brose include Rippetoe's Starting Strength and Schwarzenegger's Education of a Bodybuilder.

Not to be confused with broetry.
Mark Rippetoe is widely regarded in broscientific circles as a leading author of brose.
by CowManCheeseBall February 28, 2014
Similar to any form of prose, but directly or tangentially related to bros.
Yo did you read that new Tucker Max book? Some of the best brose I've read in a while.
by bmic March 27, 2013
noun. A Mexican (or South/Central American) bro.
Look at that dumb ass brose' in his knit cap. It's 100 degrees outside.

Sup, brose'? That's a pretty fresh lowrider Tahoe you've got there!
by thatdeliciousj August 07, 2012

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