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One bro groping another bro, no homo.
The other day i was at my bros house and i was grabbing some chips and i accidently broped him, it was awkward for a bit but then i said no homo so its cool.
by lazboy105 November 24, 2009
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The sexy pairing of Hope Whitlock and Bryan Foster in The Magic Returns. They used to be friends who bickered like an old married couple until Bryan got da-runk and they kissed ~ now Hope is pissed but they really are in love and they make babies the size of trees.
Hope: Bryan, I...I don't wunt to loose u.
Bryan: lol fuck off bitch no come here lets kiss
-mwa- BROPE
by Hopenis November 29, 2011
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This is what aggressive males do to each other when they get shitty drunk.
Jim "Yo~! Fucking stop broping me!!"

Joe "Shut the fuck up, I'll brope you if I want to drunkass"

Jim "Drunk ass.. haha spoon yourself bitach"
by chef- September 06, 2009
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Typically what male athletes do frequently with each other in celebration on the field or court. When a standard high five or hug suddenly turns in a butt gropeā€¦
Carmelo and Kobe were so excited when Team USA won the gold that they gave each other a brope.
by Brope Diggity March 28, 2014
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