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A Broomy is a friend who you live with (or have lived with, or going to live with) for more than 24 hours. He or she is also one of your best friends, if not your best! With this broomy you are on the same level of thinking. Most important is that you and your broomy can bitch at each other and at the same time know that you love eachother (as friends ofcourse).

Broomy is a contraction of the words, bro and roomy.

*warning; most people won't understand this kind of getting along
K: "You're rude as can be, you got no manners at all!
N: "don't talk about me like that all the time ;9"
K: "Oh you know i love you"
N: "True, true, love ya too broomy <3"
#bro #roomy #bitch #friendlove #the netherlands #rock #hormones
by Violet Jenson Greenleaves April 26, 2011
a teacher who is so out of control that she has no idea whats going on.... and she hates everyone except for annoying suckups......and doesnt know how to grade
"Oh Em Gee.... that teacher was such a broomy.....Wonder if she lost my paper too....."
#teacher #broomfield #hell #evil #hipocrit
by Edward W. January 16, 2007
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