The after effects of holding a lit firecracker in your hand.
if the bitch don't pay broom her bitch ass.
by Ampzy August 24, 2008
A shortened form of "bathroom" that is usually used when instant messaging.
Brb, I have to go to the broom.
by Sakhu August 12, 2007
A complete randomer who you befriend but never meet.
"I talked to broom on the internet last night"
by Sheeptastic August 17, 2005
An automatic rifle (commonly AK-47)
"Then some punk tried to hit me with a broom/Lucky I ducked quick"
"Hand On The Glock", Cypress Hill
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
a fat arsehole that looks like Mr Clarke
if someone parks their un-wanted (and ugly) behind on ones' knee the correct detterant would be "get your broom off me"
by Sam November 28, 2003

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