slang for penis or cock
"I dont want your broom near me!"
by that guy on that planet with s December 12, 2008
Comes from the word bathroom. Refers to having sexual intercourse in a bathroom stall.
Guy: Hey babe, wanna... broom it up?
Girl: Oh my god yes!
by cdawg821 May 15, 2010
bathroom, crapper, shitter, toilet, lavatory, privy

be right back im going to the b room
by Brantly December 04, 2007
slang term for vagina
You`re never touching my broom again!
by Juan Pablo SANCHEZ th December 07, 2010
A gay man who has yet to tell anyone that he is gay.
"Collin still hasn't come out of the closet? He is such a broom."
by cat poop June 13, 2009
1. To walk or run.
Broom to the slammer that fronts the drape crib.
by ybalagian September 21, 2009
1. A magical item used in Pagan rituals.
2. A magical item used to summon customers, you'll sit around for an hour with no one in the store, and then as soon as you start sweeping, someone walks in with muddy boots and steps in your dirt.
1. The beautiful Witch used a broom to cast a spell.
2. The handsome worker used a broom to sweep the floor, and then someone came in and bought a 10 cent candy and made the floor dirty.
by Wm. Wallace The Freedom Fighte February 08, 2009

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