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bathroom, crapper, shitter, toilet, lavatory, privy

be right back im going to the b room
by Brantly December 04, 2007
6 3
Broom(N): Long, thin handle with brush at one end, used for sweeping floors clean. Not too difficult to understand, eh?
"Get a broom, sweep this floor."
by Marko November 12, 2004
67 26
to get rid of something
do what you need to her, then broom her
by Harry Osborne November 09, 2002
47 23
One who is about to be married or has just been married at a same-sex wedding. Comes from combining "bride" and "groom".
With his mother planning every detail of his wedding to Steve, John only had to show up and kiss his broom.
by TheTrueTruth August 30, 2008
36 22
brooms think that they are soooo much better then mops but they are nottttttt
at alll!!!!!!!!!

it is also a term used to insult other people:)
madeleine steals jemmas cookie
jemma- "madeleine your a broom"
by yoggish genius July 31, 2009
32 22
Good for hitting people with. One of the weapons of choice when dealing with rodents.
She smacked the rat with a broom
by Ky'lath May 18, 2008
28 18
1.to go to the bathroom
dude i got to go to the b-room
by alex da maniac August 31, 2006
17 10
slang for penis or cock
"I dont want your broom near me!"
by that guy on that planet with s December 12, 2008
22 18