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A rap that was created in order to challenge our rival - brookwood - in a very creative and friendly way. It quickly sky rocketed after it was posted on YouTube. The night of 10-28-11 the game came neck to neck with 20-some-odd seconds left in the game when a ram intercepted and ran for a touchdown. Making the final score 14-7 Grayson. THIS IS RAM NATION WELCOME TO THE CELEBRATION!!!!
Dude, I can't believe how many people played "Brookwood where you at" after we won on Friday!
by RamFan2012 October 30, 2011

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A song/rap created by a group of seniors at Grayson High School in GA. It calls out Brookwood High School, their rivals. The rap is quite creative and catchy, and it uses no profanity. It became semi-viral getting 41,000 the day after it was posted.
by thetruthpersonofawesomeness October 24, 2011