just a bald headed little fucking prisoner.
Fuck off Brooksy ya little bald headed fucking prisoner
by The Real Coon Cam August 11, 2003
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A person who compulsively lies about meeting possibly attractive women and sleeping with them.
Tom: 'I met two really hot girls last night when I was walking home, I managed to take one of them back to mine'

Dick: 'Really?! But we didn't even see you speaking to anyone in the club'

Harry: 'That's because he's doing a Brooksy'
by The truth behind the 'LAD' November 26, 2012
just a little pinhead fuck. why dooesn't he fuck off and leave us alone instead trying to take advantage of my somewhat drunk pets.
"Get out of here brooksy you animal rooting bugger"
by Coon cam August 14, 2003

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