a wild, crazy, amazing girl who will always listen, keep your secrets, and absolutely crack you up! who makes awesome traditions, rides her bike, and is super awesome
Hey Brooklynn, no school tomorrow!
by TCUJACK February 21, 2011
Top Definition
a wild, crazy, amazing girl who will always listen, keep your secrets, and absolutely crack you up!
"That girl is CRAZY!...she must be a Brooklynn."
by Lovey 5 June 11, 2008
A quiet, shy girl who always done her work, but when you get to know her she's absolutely wild and amazing. She's a gamer girl, and lip synchs to all her favorite songs. She's gorgeous but hides it under a bunch of stuff, and she can always keep a secret. She listens, though she isn't sympathetic, and she'll stick up for you no matter who you are or what it's about.
She's always sick, though. ):
That's Brooklynn?!
by Emo~Flowers October 27, 2010
Very smart girl who is top in everything she does. Beautiful. kind and a smart-ass all at the same time.
Brook'Lynn got another award at school again!!!!
by Brook'Lynn's mommy! March 01, 2010
She is a wild and crazy girl. She loves animals and is SUPER smart. She is very sporty and is not afraid to stand up for what SHE believes. She is strong and fast. Although she is not commonly a dancer she sure can act. She is famous wether it is in school or a celebrity. She is very good at getting attention to herself. She also tends to obsess over random things from Harry Potter to Pit Bull dogs.
Wow she's crazy, clever, and loves animals. She must be a Brooklynn.
by GlitterGirlBoss June 01, 2016

A wife to a man named SÆMI, or with a saemi. Tends to sometime make people think that she is mentally unstable, such as by tricking her husband into eating bugs, mold and nuts just because he did not live up to a bet fast enough.
Even though the mental illness is there at times, its the kindness, amazingness, and the proness that shines through. Its the type of wife that always shows up with a smile, whether its to school hung over to bits and pieces, or had just arrived from the hospital 3 hours before school started, a true hero.
Most importantly, shes that kind of person that will be missed wherever she or the husband goes, whether its for 4 day trip to portugal or for 3 months until she comes to visit Iceland.
To conclude it all, Brooklynn is a type of person that nobody forgets, is probably one of the most amazing persons ever and knows how to play a good game of checkers.
Sæmi : Damn, I can probably count myself one of the luckiest mans in the world, I just got married to a Brooklynn

Joachim : Damn stan, i'm so jealous, but then again im going out with a Brooklynn, so i think we can baldly say we are the luckiest men in the world.

Sæmi : damn straight son.
by SÆMI GOODFELLA. July 10, 2008
The BIGGEST CUNT you will ever meet in your life. The only thing that she will ever do to you is fuck you over. She's a lying, self-absorbed backstabbing shit talking bitch. If you're a guy, she's loose as HELL. I swear you can fit a semi truck in between her legs.
I don't even know how to fucking give an example of her. It's that bad.

Just Brooklynn is nasty, plain and simple.
by xD :] xD February 13, 2009
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