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the only school where it is ok to play with swords in the park next to it. A school that will give you so much HW that you will have no time to watch TV. A school with so many asians that you will eventually have Asian Fever. A school where it is not hard to find fake people. A school that can make you feel like SHYT after being the top of you school in middle school. A school for the "Stuy. Rejects". A school where you can make some great freinds that can get you through all the bullshit you deal with in this school and can make it worthwhile.
Little Bobby cried for three days after finding out he was rejected by Stuyvesant but said "Fuck It, I'll Go to Brooklyn Technical High School!" there he Found that he can get so much and HW and can't even watch family guy anymore. But he became friends with Stanely and found that brooklyn tech isnt all bad
by RYAMIX January 10, 2010
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