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quite possibly the worst place anyone could attend school. Full of pompous jackholes, speds, goths, hippies, anarchist punks, ugly girls who pretend to be slutty, abusive athletic coaches, and teachers who do nothing but suck Karl Marx and Vlad Lenin's dick day in and out.
Person 1: Where do you go to school?
Person 2: Brookline High School, BIATCH!!!
Person 3: Oh, that explains the limp. Who did you up the ass today? Stalin? Mao? Marx? Dr. Bob?
by green avenger May 07, 2006
Only one word to discribe it. Dope. The girls are dope, the guys are dopey, and it's what everyone's smoking.
"Brookline High School just spanked Newton North at {insert generic sport/activity}." Brookline rocks!
by Miss Midori December 03, 2005