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1. A town in the west/southwest suburbs of Chicago that is only famous from the Zoo. Many residents hate the Zoo because where ever they are in the Country somebody will act as if the know them just because of that fact.

2. 'the hood of LTHS' half of Brookfield teenagers go to LTHS (Lyons Township HS) and half to RBHS (Riverside/Brookfield HS). The rest of LTHS students consider Brookfield to be a hood. They can often be afraid to go there for fear that the town is gang ridden. Simply because of the overall lower income and town value. Many grade school friendships can turn to nothing because of split high schools, based on witch side of the tracks you live on.
Potential Employer--->It says on your application that you are from Brookfield, thats were the Zoo is, right?

J.R.--->(sigh) Kinda...(mutters to self 'Fucking Zoo')

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Somebody in any state other than IL--->yeah I like taking vacations myself, where are you from?

J.R.--->Brookfield, IL. near Chicago.

Somebody in any state other than IL--->Brookfield? I remember when I was a kid my parents took me to the Zoo there once
by Masta Paco April 04, 2008
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