she looks like a girl and she enjoys inscset, she is very good at doing the splits on the D wink wink and she loves logan
where's brooke oh she's with her cuzion
by gucciguck February 12, 2017
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1) A sister from another mister
2) One of greatest friends possible
3) Pretty hot, but not as hot as Iain :P
5) Little Miss Giggles
6) Queen of the Fairies
7) (Brooking) To masturbate :P
Unlike Iain, Brooke is not too cool for an example :P (i'm so mean!(

1) Hey Brooke!
2) You're a real Brooke
3) Whoa! Did you see that brooke back there?!
4) Not applicable to specific example
5) " "
6) The Brooke used her magical powers to make on of the best parties ever
7) Brooke cannot stop brooking herself
by ICE2008 December 15, 2008
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An ugly fat whore, who has awful eyebrows, is too edgy it hurts edgy. She is friends with the local cum dump and pretends to have mental illness. Also, she is a fake submissive and thinks fake blood is hot (its not). She is also fat like, fuck. She thinks shes all that but in reality shes a lowlife who has drug addiction and cant get a decent boyfriend.
EW, i don't want to go Brooke is there.
She is almost as fat as Brooke.
by no one you know 69 January 13, 2017
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dude she totally brooked him in the mailroom
by cgard667 November 23, 2007
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A young lady from Western Australia.
shortish girl with lots of hair and a huge set of lungs.
likes to talk a fair bit of crap to anyone who listens, but is really quite smart.

An angry drunk, who will take on the biggest male who tries to attack Maddo from Kwinny, as they are considered partners in crime.
Will also not hesitate to dessimate your alcohol supply with or without your knowing!
has excellent sense of good music, however shadowed by her love for crappy R'n'B ballads

"OMG, i heard someone smashed that bloke who pushed Maddo?"
"yeah, Arnold did!"
"who the fuck is Arnold?"
"type Brooke in your phone..."
by Maddo from Ktown May 25, 2008
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A Stupid little SLUT, Who is a clepto. She has sex with anything with two legs that walks. STD infested Cum guzzling gutter Slutt(:
Woah that brooke is a hoe
by SporkSpoonFork June 28, 2009
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An emo girl who refuses to wash her hair on the premise that it makes it look better. Usually likes to disrespect her elders and vandalise other people's property for no reason. Confronts older people with insults, attacking any semblence of intellegence. Wears way too much black eye make up and hideous boots. In denial of her own promiscuity and jealous of any one else who finds happiness. Normally fuels rumors that are made up by her dispicable friends. Acts tough when in fact she could be easily beaten up by the nearest four year old. Spoiled rotten and intensely conceited. Has a big mouth and does not understand who she should NOT confront.
Did you hear that Caroline pulled a Brooke and cursed off that old lady?

I heard Brooke dropped out of high school and got engaged. Is that true?
by colbertnation002 March 08, 2009
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