when your best friends suddenly turn on you and declared that they have always hated you, were just using you for your connections and hospitality, and steal your anime.
That evil midget bronged me!
by Reinoko July 14, 2004
Top Definition
When your bra is too tight and it gets stuck in a fat roll..The wide band of the bra rolls up to a thong shape....
I have to get my brong off, it is cutting off my circulation.
by Cake Star June 29, 2011
a brong is a bra and a thong
I really need to go brong shopping at Victoria's Secret.
by laylalove August 04, 2006
Someone who thinks they are hard but are definetly not!
Bob: "Hey, look at that guy he's a brong you can tell by the way he talks!"
David: "I know right! What a brong!"
by moDZ May 04, 2015
A Caucasian Heterosexual, Macho Man.
How 'Brong' of you dear
by Queer n Ghey. January 28, 2008
A word used in the place of words such as "bro" "bre" "man" or "dude," just to mix sayings up a little.
Shit brong, I totally hate saying man and dude after sayings. Brong is totally fucken bronging freestyle, brong.
by Nisga Treaty September 25, 2005
Not putting your cigarette out when your done smoking it.
Chris is in the brong because he didnt follow the cig rules.
by John C Harrison May 05, 2007
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