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An adult male who is aroused by or plays with "My Little Pony".
"I met him at the toy store, he was buying outfits for his ponies; he's a total broney.
#my little pony #fetish #horses #bros #toys
by patient0 October 27, 2013
A variation of the word 'Brony': an adult male fan of the television show 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic'.
I caught my mate watching 'My Little Pony'! I can't believe he was a broney this whole time!
by Rarihick October 12, 2015
Used to describe someone/something thats chill, lax, or bro.
Also used to condense the name Burt with Roney, therefore becoming Broney
Dude- So i was at this hella broney concert last night


Dumb Braud- So i drank like a whole beer and threw up all over Broney last you think he'll call me?
#braud #lax #bro #hella #burt
by das-shiza10@theshit May 11, 2011
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