Platonic arousal of one heterosexual man by something another man has or does that designates him as an alpha male
"Hey Trent could you park around back, your Cadillac is giving me a brone and it's distracting"
"Riley got a 25 kill streak in hardcore free-for-all in Call of Duty and I'm still sporting a 4-hour Viagra brone from it"
by Chri$toff January 17, 2010
Top Definition
(n.) An act of selflessness bestowed on or by a Bro.
Come on, we've been Bros for years now, and all I'm asking is that you sleep with ONE hermaphrodite. Throw me a god damn brone here.
by Dinkmers August 20, 2009
(v.) when 2 bros in a bromance finally do it (or bone).
owen and joe finally broned!
by oldtobegin May 09, 2009
a brownie made with marijuana butter (a hashbrownie)
Dude, you want to chomp some brones tonight?
by jma5079 August 11, 2009
(Adj) may be used as an insult or a compliment or for sreaming for no reason
Umm..Brone, what the fuck?

Hey, Brone!

by nick May 28, 2003

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