(n): an individual, of male gender, comprised of an exemplary amount of bro-ness and tornadoes. When conjoined, these two factors give the recipient powers capable of altering the space-time continuum to appear everywhere at once, yet nowhere.

When entering the nature of broanativity, the bronado becomes immaterial, impervious to any form of restraint short of a black hole.
Yo, Tony, did you see Justin? He just went Bronative on us. Unstoppable!

Us Bronadoes gotta stick together, who knows what's out there.
#bronado #bronativity #bro #bronative #bronato
by bros for bros.com.org.net January 09, 2011
Top Definition
When a group of bro's begin to fist pump so hard that a whirl wind begins to form and then from that, a Bro-nado rips through the party.
Me and all the bro's on my team were fist pumping so hard that we had a B-4 Bronado rip through the whole party. No quit.
#bro's #tornado #fist pump #whirl wind #dance
by SEXC BRO May 09, 2011
A large gathering of males, drinking and doing nothing.
"Dude, i went to jk's and it was a total bronado. No girls ANYWHERE!"
#bro #brother #sausage fest #dudefest #broham
by DK July 10, 2008
When one is having a party of sorts and super bro-y, bros crash said party and decimate the place in which said party was being held.
It looks like a tornado just hit the bitch...No dood, it was a muthafuckin' Bronado.
#tornado #bro #bronado #douchebag #asshole
by mewXaq April 24, 2011
The occurrence of a tornado in Brooklyn, witnessed and recorded on camera by two males (preferably brothers) who will exchange expletives to each other and the utter destruction of surrounding forestry as they stand there and look at it from their balcony.
OMG Holy Sh** Dude, did you see the footage of the tree that got knocked down by that Bronado from yesterday??
#tornado #bronado #brooklyn #dude #bro-nado
by 4n14 September 26, 2010
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