a wonderfuly intoxicatinng elixer. containing alchol, coke (cocain), and heroin. Was comenly used in britan in the early 20th centery as pain reliver for dying patents. kno
Sally was sad to hear she was dying. But as soon as we gave her a Brompton Cocktail she was pleased to expeirence the end of her life.
by zekiwi October 21, 2006
Top Definition
Popular in england. Mixture of Cocaine, Heroine,and alcohol given to cancer patients on their death bed.It was given to them to bring them alive for the last time.So their family could see them in a state of euphoria and not in so much pain.
Sally was on her death bed.
the doc gave her a brompton cocktail
and induced euphoria.
by katie;dracula October 30, 2007
Cocaine, Heroin, and Alcohol mixed together. Given to cancer patients.
Matt: Doc! I'm dying!
Syn: Get him some fucking Brompton Cocktail.
Jimmy *Searching for a steak taco*: Sure.
by RudyTheGreat121 June 20, 2011
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