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A British folding bike with the ability to make the rider look like a total bell-end regardless of sex, stature, dress, ethnicity, intelligence or any other factor.
Look at the gimp on the wee, folding bike. What a Brompton!
by brompton hater September 22, 2010
An abnormally sized defecation. The size of the defecation may be relative to your own size and stature. It is either: (a) a defecation that hurts your anus, making it feel as if a tear has bolted its way up your rectum; OR, for the more adventurous at heart, those sticklers for authenticity and bragging rights--(b) a defecation that pokes it's head through the surface of your toilet water and stares right back at you.
Why my oh-my, my ass is on three sorts of fire; I must have dropped a Brompton! (looking at the beast below him or her) well, I say, there's its head and neck craning from the depths of my toilet water--it MUST be a Brompton! I shall call my friends and let them know of this discovery!
by Mikhail the Karatemove Kid August 28, 2009
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