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The kind of car a bro would drive, usually filled with bros. Probably an open top jeep.
Guy 1: Dude, check out that bromobile.

Guy 2: I hope they get in a rollover accident.
by Tossrock April 28, 2012
A car that is not manly. Driven by guys with New Era hats or any other sideways hat. Usually slow and low, and no horsepower at all. Usually a foreign car. Mexicans started this trend with Honda Civics.
Jose: Dude check out my car, I just lowered it so much I cant drive it on the street, though it is my daily driver.

John: Thats cool I guess.....

Jose: I cant even leave my driveway without making my car less valuable.

John: Dipshit. You should get a fast car like a man. Not some idiot bromobile.
by William Beiber December 27, 2011
A longboard ridden by two males.
"Dude I saw Avery and Ian on the bromobile the other night"

"I can't believe that you stole my bromobile man, that is SO not cool"
by Ktnigz November 26, 2007
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