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A hallucinogenic-drug that is only illegal in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
"My friend sold me some bromo-dragonfly today."
by bloress April 13, 2009
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An extremely potent psychedelic hallucinogenic drug related to the phenethylamine family.
The toxicity of Bromo-DragonFLY appears to be fairly high for humans when taken in doses above the therapeutic range, with reports of at least five deaths believed to have resulted from Bromo-DragonFLY reported in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the United States. Laboratory testing has confirmed that in October 2009, a batch of Bromo-Dragonfly was distributed, mislabeled as the related compound 2C-B-FLY, which is around 20x less potent than BDF by weight. This mistake is believed to have contributed to several lethal overdoses and additional hospitalizations. The batch implicated in these deaths also contained significant synthesis impurities, which may have contributed to the toxicity.
Guy 1: I bought some 2C-B-FLY on the internet, cant wait for it to arrive!
Guy 2: Be really careful, it might not be 2C-B-FLY but

bromo-dragonfly which is much stronger and active at very lower doses than 2C-B-FLY! Get that shit tested or you might just end up hospitalized or even dead!!!!!
by Duncan79 December 12, 2009
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