One who holds a special affection for their own brother.
dude I totally say you mackin' on your brother while he was sleeping yesterday, you're such a bromo!
by Moonshadow3 October 13, 2009
A slang term for 2CB. People in Norcal use this term more often. Contains the chemical mescaline which is found in mushrooms or peyote. Known for a psychedelic experience. Either consumed or snorted. Worst drips of your life but craziest trip you'll ever get if snorted. More research is needed for this chemical.
"Dude, so i took Bromo at 7pm and it still looked liked daytime! I was trippin BALLS!" - A friend of mine who consumed it.
by danthemanica May 15, 2008
A male person who is sexually attracted to his own brother.
Person 1: Hey, did you hear about Jimmy kissing his brother?
Person 2: Yeah, he's such a bromo!
by rykall December 21, 2009
A term used to say who your friends are. Its like a common hello.
Boy1: Hey bromo!
Boy2: Hey whats up?
Boy1: Nothin much.
by connor1414 January 30, 2009
A 101 KGB stunt boy known for wearing thongs, running naked, and denying that he is gay. Also likes to give people pieces of his food, candy, gum, etc. Says "crud" alot....
Look at Bromo in that tuxedo thong. He sure is gay, crud.
by JayPeePee November 11, 2008
The abbreviated version of brother from another mother. An affectionate term that a man may use for another man he is close friends with in a brotherly way, not sexual.
Thomson is Anh's bromo.
by Anh Fire January 12, 2008
Term to describe someone as being overtly or even subtly homosexual in mannerisms or the such. Believed to be originated from an Organic Chemistry class taken at the University of Houston when the teacher described proper nomenclature for an organic molecule with a bromine attached to it. Bromo sounded a lot like Homo, and the rest is history.
"John you're such a fucking bromo!!!"
by Shmarionzz November 18, 2006

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