Cross between bromance and homo. Refers to close guy friends who do everything with each other except screw. Can also refer to the prefix of the halogen atom bromine.
Zack and John have a real bromo going on.
Let's be bromos and masturbate together.
Write the structural formula for bromobenzene
by dr. nim July 11, 2010
The ambiguously gay hipster whose friendship with his bro's is just a little too close. Seen wearing skinny jeans, v-neck, fixed gear, and an intense affinity for dick (sometimes on the dl).
"Why didn't the three Bromo's in Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist live near ME in Highschool?"
by aqwrdmusings December 25, 2009
The combination of the words "homo" and "brother"/"bro". Refers to acts that would typically be taken as gay between good friends.

However, there is still a line that can be crossed between homo and bromo. Bromo is acceptable; hugging your buddy is fine. Homo is not acceptable; whipping out your wang and letting your bro touch it is *not* bromo, that's just straight homo.

Typically the difference between bromo and homo is easily told apart in each scenario of the usage.
Guy 1: Dude! I haven't seen you in forever! *hugs bro*
Girlfriend: That's homo.
Guy 2: Nah, girl, 's all good. It's all bromo.
by bromoman January 17, 2011
A straight (or in-the-closet) man who acts like he is sexually interested in his brother/close friend. Derivitave: brother + homosexual
Taylor: That shirt looks really good on you, James.
James: Dude, I know we're best friends, but don't go all bromo on me!
by kstarburst May 26, 2008
a nickname one would call their gay lover, combining "bro" and "homo".
"Hey, watcha doing this weekend, bromo?"
by :| ? December 24, 2009
One who holds a special affection for their own brother.
dude I totally say you mackin' on your brother while he was sleeping yesterday, you're such a bromo!
by Moonshadow3 October 13, 2009
A slang term for 2CB. People in Norcal use this term more often. Contains the chemical mescaline which is found in mushrooms or peyote. Known for a psychedelic experience. Either consumed or snorted. Worst drips of your life but craziest trip you'll ever get if snorted. More research is needed for this chemical.
"Dude, so i took Bromo at 7pm and it still looked liked daytime! I was trippin BALLS!" - A friend of mine who consumed it.
by danthemanica May 15, 2008

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