A movie designed for guys to watch: The polar opposite of a chick flick. Car wrecks, explosions, bad language, guns, girls, death and destruction. No deep characters, no "will they won't they?" bullshit and definitely not based on a true story. Unless that story is a war of some description.
My girlfriend wanted me to watch Les Misearables, I said "baby I don't want to be miserable in French or any other language. If I watch this then we have to watch at least 2 bromos to make up for it."
by Jack Aubrey May 22, 2013
The act or characteristic of one's bro being man flirty.
Bro One: hey dude, slick vest man I dig the red.

Bro Two: man, now you're just being Bromo
by ABENSOL May 02, 2013
Bromo is a word used to describe when two guys do something that could be perceived as a very homosexual act that might require the usage of the term "no homo", but instead because they are bros they casually play it off by combining the terms "Bro" and "No Homo". It is commonly used on the social media website Twitter in the form of "#Bromo".
Swuzz and Tick are two bros playing beer pong. Swuzz throws up a shot and on the follow through he accidentally grabs Tick's dick. They look at each other awkwardly, Swuzz turns and sees that he made the shot in the last cup. He says," Damn, that wet." Then turns back to Tick and they high five and simultaneously say "#Bromo".
by Swuzz the Samurai April 01, 2013
noun - replaces "no homo" in a bro situation, commonly used as "totally bromo" when playing Call of Duty or in a daily bro's life.
OMFG bro that kill was fucking insane it made me jizz! Totally Bromo.
by RealityKillz November 16, 2011
A friend who is like a Brother from another Mother
I'm going to chill with my BroMo's!
by Joshie Josh September 09, 2011
A total fag-bro or a brew. The type of man who wears neon clothing and lots of plaid. Wakeboards more than they should, makes sure everyone knows it, and usually isn't very good at it. Loves the lake and acting like a total toooooool!
Guy 1: "Hey, I've seen that kid on the lake before, boarding it up, wearing neon shorts. Is he cool?"

Guy 2: "Naw man he's a total Bromo, don't even talk to him."
by FuckBromos May 02, 2011
Brother who likes other brothers. Not to be mistaken for bromance.
Naw, he's my just my bromo.
by Dr.Herp Derpington, MD February 03, 2011

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