if something may be considered homo, but bromo is used it is equivalent of saying no homo in the aforementioned situation
Coleton: yo you got some ash on your face
Texas dude: what?
Coleton: lemme get it *with napkin* no homo
Jarren: its bromo, like no homo with a bro
by Jazzy_J November 14, 2010
(adj.)Showing love between one bro to another, in a non-homosexual way.
After we won the game, Chris and I had a no homo, bromo man hug.
by silasam/chasingeuphoria April 12, 2010
The male equivalent to Fag Hag A straight man who is best friends with gay men or women.
I'm hanging out with my bromo tonight. My sister and her bromo are coming over for dinner.
by Oz33 December 31, 2009
The homosexual wingman of a straight man. Bromos are better than bros as wingmen because they put women at ease without the ambiguity of the female wingman. Bromos often come replete with a gaggle of fag hags, which only adds to the advantages.
I was out with my bromo last night and two chicks made out with me at the same time saying it doesn't count as cheating on their boyfriends because I'm gay. I told them I was straight, but they said I was in denial. Awesome.
by Maezfats August 28, 2009
A bromo is a straight guy that considers his friendship with his boys as a "bromance". While this may be considered "homo" to other straight guys.
GirL: Yo, did you see the new show on MTV called "Bromance"?

GuY: Hell no!! Those guys a freaking bromo's!!
by meghan = buttacup<3 January 23, 2009
Bromo is a word used to describe when two guys do something that could be perceived as a very homosexual act that might require the usage of the term "no homo", but instead because they are bros they casually play it off by combining the terms "Bro" and "No Homo". It is commonly used on the social media website Twitter in the form of "#Bromo".
Swuzz and Tick are two bros playing beer pong. Swuzz throws up a shot and on the follow through he accidentally grabs Tick's dick. They look at each other awkwardly, Swuzz turns and sees that he made the shot in the last cup. He says," Damn, that wet." Then turns back to Tick and they high five and simultaneously say "#Bromo".
by Swuzz the Samurai April 01, 2013
noun - replaces "no homo" in a bro situation, commonly used as "totally bromo" when playing Call of Duty or in a daily bro's life.
OMFG bro that kill was fucking insane it made me jizz! Totally Bromo.
by RealityKillz November 16, 2011

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