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The gay Brother(s) within a Fraternal group.
yeah Steve's my bromo, we're both ΣΩΤs.
by FraternalBromo April 22, 2013
abbreviation for bromance rhymes with homo however not a homosexual relationship. Playful term referring to true bromance.... very bromantical
Michaela: Hey look at Sam and Brendan are they funny?

Mary : What do you mean romantic?

Michaela: yeah, are they?

Mary: No they're just bromo's
by Smileawhile June 02, 2010
When bros become homos.

2 x bro+homo= BROMOS
lawrence and colin used to be such good friends, but now they're just bromos.

Shawn is totally trying his bromo moves on brad.
by themostbubblewrapever.yeah. November 20, 2009
When a man thinks another man is so great he hopes to become his friend.
"That guy is so awesome, I wish he would let me hang out with him. "

"That guy makes me have bromo feelings "
by eelmal February 09, 2014
When you act kind of gay with your buddies.
"I'm not coming to your house to watch the Tyra Banks Show with you, Bromo."

by Ian Eastin April 05, 2008
A movie designed for guys to watch: The polar opposite of a chick flick. Car wrecks, explosions, bad language, guns, girls, death and destruction. No deep characters, no "will they won't they?" bullshit and definitely not based on a true story. Unless that story is a war of some description.
My girlfriend wanted me to watch Les Misearables, I said "baby I don't want to be miserable in French or any other language. If I watch this then we have to watch at least 2 bromos to make up for it."
by Jack Aubrey May 22, 2013
The act or characteristic of one's bro being man flirty.
Bro One: hey dude, slick vest man I dig the red.

Bro Two: man, now you're just being Bromo
by ABENSOL May 02, 2013