The element that all bros are mainly comprised of.
Brotomic Symbol - Bro
Number of Brotons/Brolectrons - 35
Number of Brotrons - 45
Classification - Brologens
Bro 1 - Bro what are you made of?
Bro 2 - Bromine, obviously
by Brevin Bromlal May 20, 2009
Top Definition
\BRO-meen\, noun. The essential binding element between the bro's in a bromance on a brolecular level. Few bros understand this however, as they rarely pass high school chemistry.
Under the right environment, such as in the presence of the catalyst 3OH3 (Oxygen Douchate), Bromine can form a durable chemical bond between two bromosexuals.
by Notls September 04, 2010
Bromine (abbreviated as BR1), small organic molecule in the brocholamine family. It is a monoamine neurotransmitter that plays an important physiological role during a bromance.
His bromine count is off the charts.
by Dskar October 18, 2012
BROMINE: n: a Bromance term meaning, "Bro you MINE!"
Ex: Steve: Pam, BROMINE? Do you mean me and that guy have a BROMANCE?

Pam: No, because your bro is like "BRO YOU MINE!"
by Lt. Dans-icecream November 08, 2011
Brother of mine. Synonymous with bro, but can imply more sincerity.

Pronounced with a long "i", not with a long "e" as in the chemical element.
Thanks for the baseball tickets, bromine.
by Karl102 August 16, 2009
a mean bro, who does something unforgivable and just utterly jerk-off like.
Justin ratted us out at the party last night. All the cops came to the house.

Wow what a bromine.
by Meridith Hatred October 20, 2011
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