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A romantic comedy based on an eerily close platonic heterosexual relationship between two (or more) bros.
Rick: Hey, that movie "I Love You, Man" is an excellent example of the new genre of film that is the bromantic comedy.

Jorg: Yes, why don't we go out and watch it when we finish drinking these Busch Lites, playing Gamecube, and listening to this Jack Johnson CD!
by Sebastienne February 24, 2009
a comedy where two men share their love for each other in a totally non-gay way.
Hey, have you seen 'Superbad'?" It's the best bro-mantic comedy ever.
by dr_roxxo September 29, 2010
A movie that is part guy-movie, part romantic comedy.
Beautiful Girls is an amazing bromantic comedy.
by Chet A May 02, 2007

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