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The day after Valentines Day (February 15th), Brolentines Day is an annual commemoration celebrating affection amongst your male peers. The day is named after unrecognized Greek Deity Broseidon, King of the Broceans, and was established in 2011 AD. It is traditionally a day on which bros express their appreciation for each other by presenting beers, offering high fives, and sending some ecards.
I'm glad I reserved a table at Buffalo Wild Wings early this year. It's generally been a bad idea to make last-minute Brolentines Day reservations.
by The Stafford Executive February 14, 2011
Brolentine's day is a rare holiday in that it occurs on a February 13th when a man has stated his intention to make a romantic commitment starting on Valentine's day. it is the last chance for his bros to take him out while he's single, similar to a bachelor party.
"oh man, did you hear oscar is going to commit to jasmin on valentine's day?" "wowzers! looks like we need to celebrate Brolentine's Day!!"
by emersontwins February 13, 2014
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