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When some bros decide that it is time to up their brolationship to a brolationbroship. Its the next step in the progression from the original meeting of the bros, to facebook bros, to forming a broship, to brolationship, and eventually to the highest point of the bromance which is a BROLATIONBROSHIP. It is rare for two straight as arrow men to reach this point. It usually happens when the two bros have lived together for awhile in an apartment they bought when they first formed a brolationship, and are now ready for a real bro-commitment
Bro 1: Bro, do you remember before we brought this crazy awesome aparment how you told me you wanted a brolationship?
Bro 2: Yeah, bro?

Bro 1: Well now that we have lived together awhile, I want you to know that I think I'm ready for us to make a real commitment...
Bro 2: You mean?!
Bro 1: Yes, I want a brolationbroship
by broimpregnant November 13, 2010

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