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A Bro that reminds you in any way of the character "Goku" from Dragonball ,z, and gt. Often a person that is abnormally gifted at athletic activities, and unussually stong for his size. This person often impresses you with how blissfully unaware of how talented he is, and if he weren't your bro, you would call him a dumbass.
Person 1: Did You see cameron whip tyler's ass yesterday?
Person 2: ya dude, i expected tyler to win, cuz he's so much bigger.
Person 1: I guess cameron is just a Broku, and he's Raw like That.
by Hotshot 1 October 20, 2009
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A righteous member of the Roku Revolution.

(A big fan of streaming entertainment, the Roku streaming player and/or cord cutting).
I'm a total Broku - I ditched cable and now I have a Roku player for every room in the house!
by streaminggeek October 26, 2011

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