Slang: Taken from the military term:Broken Arrow. A procedural call your friends have the authority to make in order to pull you out of an excessive spending spree towards a female in a Las Vegas bar, club or adult club due to the fact that you could have procured the services of at least one or more prostitutes (at street value) versus spending on the female and not receiving sexual reciprocation in return.
Man, last night I had to call in a Broken Arrow on Jake. He could have gotten 3 prostitutes for the amount of money he was spending on that chick at the bar last night. But he didn't listen and now he is broke. Poor guy!
by vegasJudge September 23, 2010
Person at work who cannot be fired and does't work.
If broken arrow doesn't get a move on I'm going to knock him out I'm sick of doing his job and mine.
by scandi host July 11, 2009
For all the FOOLS, get with the program, grab an arrow from your quiver, snap it, like magic a broken arrow appears
Dude, I broke that last arrow, now I have a broken arrow
by timb082 February 04, 2009
Its a FREAKING CITY in Oklahoma you RETARDS!!!!!!!!!!
Jess: Where you from?
Matt: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
by Pooshka June 16, 2008
When your condom breaks mid fuck and a lone sperm escapes and inpregnates to bitch your with
Dude I was balls deep in that skank last night when my shit broke. I think I may have had a Broken Arrow.
by CornHoleCreamPie January 18, 2006
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