Person at work who cannot be fired and does't work.
If broken arrow doesn't get a move on I'm going to knock him out I'm sick of doing his job and mine.
by scandi host July 11, 2009
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Military code word meaning "Direct all fire on my position!!" Heard nearby table top gaming conventions as players call for assistance.
(Surrounded by enemies, the commander yells into his wireless) "BROKEN ARROW"
by Shred99 April 18, 2006
To lose or miss an object of great importance.

Taken from the military code(fact or fictional)to lose a nuclear weapon.
Charlie lost his wedding ring and declared a broken arrow. Now his friends will surely help him find it.
by Hawkeye5536 May 29, 2006
US Military code phrase meaning an American unit has been overrun. It calls in every combat aircraft for support.
When the Colonel realized the enemy had broken through his lines, he grabbed the radio and called "Broken Arrow!"
by 11Bravo October 12, 2013
When you're aiming for a clean break/no splash, and instead, whether by distraction or an imminent sneeze, your log breaks off and sends the staff crawling back inside, only to disturb you for the rest of the day and cause immense discomfort and multiple re-wipes.
I was unable to clearly confront my day at work because my cell rang while on the hopper causing an unpleasant broken arrow.
by Beetlegeuse May 15, 2006
One of the greatest movies ever made. Starring John Travolta and Christian Slater. A high action impact movie. This movie kicks serious ass. Awesome quotes. Howie Long also guest stars. He kicks major ass.
"What the Fuck are you up to Hale" (Travolta to Slater)

"Ah Fuck" - Travolta (Deakins)

"God Damn You Hale" Travolta (Deakins)

"Son of a Bitch, radiation took down the god damn chopper" Long (Kelly)

"What the Fuck are you doing?" Long (Kelly)

"Shut that son a bitch down now, this ain't what I signed on for, I'm not ready to die not for you" Long (Kelly)to Travolta

"Everybody dies Kelly" Travolta (Deakins)
by Broken Arrow Kicks Ass January 26, 2005
This is actually the locker room term for a "fractured penis."
I got a broken arrow on my last date with ....
by milo289 September 14, 2010
Slang: Taken from the military term:Broken Arrow. A procedural call your friends have the authority to make in order to pull you out of an excessive spending spree towards a female in a Las Vegas bar, club or adult club due to the fact that you could have procured the services of at least one or more prostitutes (at street value) versus spending on the female and not receiving sexual reciprocation in return.
Man, last night I had to call in a Broken Arrow on Jake. He could have gotten 3 prostitutes for the amount of money he was spending on that chick at the bar last night. But he didn't listen and now he is broke. Poor guy!
by vegasJudge September 23, 2010

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