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1. adj: nasty man sex, also known as bareback mount'em

2. the only western in the history of movies where the good guys get it in the end.

3. Marketing ploy for the new drink, Brokeback Mountain Dew : Do the Dude!
"Wow, it seems that Rob Schinder likes to do the Brokeback Mountain
by missouriwesternstud December 31, 2005
1. A really gay movie about two cowboys. I haven't seen it, I never want to see it, and whoever made this movie should be shot. :D
Bob: Dude... Brokeback Mountain sucked...
Jim: I liked it.
*Bob shoots Jim.*
Bob: The movie sucked.
by Brock S. August 30, 2006
The story of two gay cowboys who probably had plenty of oppertunities to be with women but they were so screwed up in the head they chose not to.
Don't be a fag.
What are you? Some kind of brokeback fag ?
Brokeback sucked balls, and so did the guys in it.
Brokeback mountain is the gayest movie of all time, literally.
by Theonlyguywithsense February 18, 2006