a group of words you use when your out of cash; have no money at all
" hey steve, lets hit up burger king fool"
" cant dude, Im broke back mountain today"
or to shorten it out "Im broke back today fool, i cant"
by spadecmk15 October 16, 2008
the act of getting a males penis in the anus which can lead to poopy cock,swelling of the anus,or anal bleeding
broke back mountain is tha way to go
by tjizzle31491 May 31, 2008
1) An incredibly hot movie in which Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger have hoooooot sex. Yee haw!
2) The act of 2 gay cowboys falling deeply in love and having an extremely difficult relationship ending in tear-jerking tragedy.
3) The act of 2 ridiculously hot gay guys having sex with super awesome grunting noises.
1) Yamini: What a hot hot movie! God I love Heath Ledger! Mmm I want me some gay porn now.
2) Yamini: *sniff* Wow, what a beautiful movie...
3) Yamini: Oh my god Lauren, our math teachers are brokeback mountaining each other!
by Lauren D. December 29, 2005
-The only movie where the good guys get it in the end!

-The first gay cowboy movie
1: Have you seen Brokeback Mountain
2: Nah brotha, if you were able to watch the whole thing, you gay
by B to the Rizzle February 26, 2007
A place where gay guys go to fish and fuck.
Jim: Hey you want to go to Brokeback Mountain this weekend.

James: What the fuck!, Hell no!
by apostle84 June 07, 2006
A reallyy hot sexy epic love story about 2 gay cowboys who fall in love with eachother and spend years keeping it on the DL .I drove 2 hours just to see it because it wasn't out in my city yet! YUM!
Love is a force of nature.

"Brokeback Mountain"
by Maybelline February 18, 2006
A film loved by critics, who obviously failed to see how it is nearly identical to every love story ever told except for the fact that it was between two men.
Brokeback Mountain; a story of two people who fall in love and then the relationship is torn apart. same old crap done a million times before only deserving praise for the acting and several scene's impressive views.
by absgbg July 04, 2006
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