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Brokeass Bossballa (also Guttaslime-Bossballa) is someone who has little or no money for most of the time, when they do have money it's generally a large sum which is blown within 24 hours. Despite being generally broke, the Ba-Bb (Brokeass-Bossballa) enjoys the life of a "balla" on a daily basis; in other words, every day is a raging party. This is generally achieved through the Ba-Bb charismatic character and "good things come to those who rage" mindstate, as well as women with credit cards and big bank accounts. As aforementioned, a Ba-Bb must periodically get large sums of money, which are quickly spent on party favors the Ba-Bb and those around him; drinks, durgs, new threads, concert tickets, etc.

Basically, a Brokeass-Bossballa is an unstoppable partying force with charismatic character and is exceptionally generous and gregarious. Despite being broke most of the time they enjoy the high life on a daily base.

The result of exceptionally intelligent and resourceful individuals choosing the life of a slacker/partyer.
Brokeass-Bossballa talking to a friend:

Ba-Bb: "Aye lemme sip on that henny man i'm broke as a joke"

friend: "Hell yeah sip away. How you broke you had like 1200$ on you when i see at the liquor store?"

Ba-Bb: "Yo you shoulda stuck around burned a zip down sippin on jameson's all night raged it."

friend: "Damn bro how do you do it?"
Ba-Bb: "I'm just a Brokeass Bossballa sonny. I wear my crown everyday."
by YungNutz May 24, 2011
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