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Someone or a group of individuals who have no money, own only 2 pair of pants and 3-6 shirts, and drive a hooptie, but yet still manage to pull a little game.
Tacoma, WA is full of broke ballers
by U-SUCK September 11, 2003
A person who "hustles" (they suck at it)all day and night, and has nothing to show for it, but the new Jordans, and a fit. The "wad" of money in their pocket is ALL the money they have to their name- so if they get robbed...
Them corner niggaz that quit hustlin after they make a G are some broke ballers.
by Redstallyun July 14, 2005
A "hustler" that don't know how to stay in the game- usually carries the only $500 to their name with them at all times to look ballerific. A "hustler" that does more shit talkin on the block than hustlin- has no car, but ALL the latest gear (sometimes not even that), and talks about the "game" constantly.
That nigga been hustlin since 2000, and he still can't afford a car, or a place.
by Redstallyun August 17, 2005
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