1. An Irish nickname for an excellent financial planner and licensed stock broker that knows the market better than Warren Buffet. You can trust your money to someone with this nickname and know its actually doing something for you.2. An up and coming brokerage somewhere in Minnesota.
Person 1: I would like to trade commodities with futures contracts but have no idea what I am doing and no basic understanding of Technical Analysis.
Person 2: Talk to my broker. He's Brogan. He can make you rich. My 401K is actually worth something.
Person 1: In this market?
Person 2: Yes, he can also teach you how to short major exchange traded funds and profit off of downtrends.
Person 1: Wow!
by BigDuke6 February 01, 2009
A completely Gorgeouss ganstaa Princess. Who lovesss music & knows hows to shake. Someone who is veryyy nicee but can bite like a bitch. That girl ya bf wants. Gets along with mainly everyone. Can look mad cute even if she is slaughtering the bitch who started shit. A major BAMF. Will make ya heart jump like it was on cocaine.
Yeah and she looked so cute as she punched that sun of a bitch right in the face, what a Brogan.
by Yerrr Mama August 16, 2007
A guy who will say he loves you and kiss you and treat you like the queen of the world. And then after 3 months totally break your heart by breaking up with you over text. Then tell you the next day he doesn't like you at all anymore and likes another girl. Then 3 days after you break up he'll ask out one of your good friends on valentine's day and not give a shit about you. Then he'll treat you like absolute shit and act like you're a bitch because you try to talk to him about your previous relationship.
Girl 1: Oh my god! *starts crying*
Girl 2: Oh my god he is such a Brogan
Girl 1: He just did it out of no where!
Girl 2: He said he loved you though!
Girl 1: Well he doesn't now! :'(
by PissedOffExGirlfriend April 23, 2012
A typical Irish boy normaly ginger long hair. He has a tendency to brag a lot and never likes hard work, Brogan doesn't takes things seriously and never likes to be fooled. He is extremely funny and can tend to be quite stupid although Brogan is very funny he can be very short tempered. Brogan can also be a big shit
by Ellen20120 April 02, 2014
A brogan is an extremely large shit which has several qualifications-
-In excess of 8 inches
-2 inch girth
-a lightish brown color
-some sort of abnoctious activity in the bowl, ie. curling, skids, floating

-some level of pride in your acomplishment
*Bathroom door opens*
MALE: Hun, i just did a brogan!

FEMALE Thats great baby im so proud!
by bighugeduce August 25, 2010
A Brogan is an event in which people see something horrid and frightening, usually they see something extremely graphic, like someone having a poo or getting plastic surgery because of ugliness.

Brogan is a word which can replace any word which related to disgusting, revolting, sickening, etc..
GUY: Oh my, I had some English homework to do last night.
GIRL: Wow, I bet that was a total Brogan event.
GUY: It really was.
GIRL: Did it resemble somebody going to the loo?
by brogan123456 October 10, 2010
Standard issue leather boots issued in prison.
You need to wax your brogans.
by Ernie B April 12, 2007
If you have a Brother/Step Brother/Half-Brother, that is a bogan (australian term)

and can be substituted to suit:
Step brother - Step Brogan
Half brother - Half Brogan
Brother - Brogan

Oh hey freddie, what are you doing today?

I'm going to my brothers house,

Oh cool, where does he live again.?

He lives in Brunswick.

Oh Wow he must be your Brogan Then,

Yeah something like that.
by Fisherr January 31, 2009

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