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A Slang/Street term for bad motherfucker who has an AK-47 and gets all the bitches. Deals guns for shits and buzz's. Chain smokes swishers and phillies. A status symbol. Popular in the ghettos of boston and chicago. East Coast terminology.
Brogan Person 1.Damn, that motherfucker is a Brogan. He just got me a 9!
Person 2. Brogan? Shit yea! Hand me dat joint.
by BigDuke6 August 25, 2008
A headstrong and opinionated young girl who still manages to be cute and friendly. Although she can be difficult at times you can't help but loving her. Unfortuatly for the "playas" she is not a whore and loves from her heart rather than her pelvis. Furthermore Brogan generally has good taste in music exentuated by her overwhelming love of Aerosmith and The Doors.
"Who was that cute girl you were talking to?"
"That would be the lovely Brogan."
by ImpersonalJesus March 31, 2007
1. An Irish nickname for an excellent financial planner and licensed stock broker that knows the market better than Warren Buffet. You can trust your money to someone with this nickname and know its actually doing something for you.2. An up and coming brokerage somewhere in Minnesota.
Person 1: I would like to trade commodities with futures contracts but have no idea what I am doing and no basic understanding of Technical Analysis.
Person 2: Talk to my broker. He's Brogan. He can make you rich. My 401K is actually worth something.
Person 1: In this market?
Person 2: Yes, he can also teach you how to short major exchange traded funds and profit off of downtrends.
Person 1: Wow!
by BigDuke6 February 01, 2009
Irish or Irish-American colloquialism for shoes, boots, or other footwear (noun); derived from "brogue," the lilting accent with which most people of Celtic/Irish extraction speak, most commonly whilst intoxicated.
1. "Get those brogans off the table, you drunken black Irish bastard, or else somebody in this family's going to die."
2. Mr. Conroy: "Charlie! What happened to your brogans???? You better not have lost them because I put in tons and tons of overtime painting houses just to buy them, you ungrateful little son of a bitch."

Little Charlie: Tommy Adams and his cronies yanked them off me and threw them in the Allegheny when I was walking home from school today."

Mr. Conroy: "Goddamn it!!!" {chugs down the rest of his Iron City, slaps Little Charlie in the back of the head, gets up from kitchen table, and grabs baseball bat}. "I guess I'm going to have pay a social call to his old man, then..."
by faschuck77 September 02, 2013
A better way to call your friend bro.
*your 'bro' enters the room* - "What's up Brogan?!"
by BROGAN2 June 28, 2013
A badass bitch dat wont take no shit. She is an awsome kisser and aint afriad to take it a step further, she is popular and is incredibly funny and loves fudge. This is NOT a specific person
Look at that brogan, shes such a badass
by Broganisamazing October 10, 2013
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