A college professor that is totally a bro.
That brofessor who moved an exam because of the Harry Potter movie just announced that we can bring in a 3 page cheat sheet to the final exam. SO ABSURDLY BRO
by coocookchu December 08, 2010
Top Definition
A Scientist with a Doctorates degree in Brology.
After spending many pointless hours studying trivial things such as math. Andrew decided he needed to major in something worth his time. So he became a Brofessor.
by Brofessor Jory June 03, 2010
Meaning a good friend, a bro, a person with a PhD in chillin
*Phone rings*
"Brofessor! Yo, wuts up?"
by Seth Zampi February 27, 2008
A professor that's chill and acts like a bro.
My brofessor got us coffee for our presentation today. He's chill!
by dan8 February 25, 2010
The older, wiser Bro who teaches his brotege, usually 17-19, the way of the Bro.
Brofessor JYD: Brotege, you take the lead on ladies and booze on our Derby trip?
Brotege: Really? Am I ready?
Brofessor JYD: Brotally.
by Brotally OAG July 25, 2016
A professor who is really chill and nice, and is basically one of your bros.
Oh yeah, Mr. Smith is such a Brofessor, I told him I was busy and he gave me an extension on the deadline!
by ThePurpleSandwich March 07, 2016
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