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A small town in Pennsylvania where there is no end to chiropractors, car dealerships, and churches!

PVHS and PVMS are in this town. 2 schools old as hell, home of the Bears. colors are royal blue and white.

There's basically no clothing shops. You have to go all the way to Stroudsburg to go the the closest mall which is like 45 min. away.

In the summer, you always want to get out of this little town, then after about 5 days on vacation, you miss it!

Lately, this little town is getting a bit bigger and more populated. New Yorkers are taking over.

We have some real hicks, too. Farm land. Trees. CRAPPY roads... but that's PA. Some talk with a southern accent, which many don't understand because they're from the north.

Less than 2000 people in the town. It's only a few miles wide.
My back hurts, let's go to Brodheadsville.
by cckelly159 September 25, 2007
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